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Tara Punzone

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Chef Tara is an Italian American from New York who has thrived on a vegan diet for over 30 years. Her passion for healthy southern Italian food has been evolving since her childhood when she made the decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle. It was then Tara began converting all of her family’s traditional dishes to vegan versions of the same, without compromise. For the past 20 years Chef Tara has worked alongside many inspirational chefs, honing her skills and running several of New York City and Los Angeles’ fine dining vegan restaurants. A few years ago, Chef Tara made the decision to make her childhood dream become a reality. 

Pura Vita, located in West Hollywood, is the first 100% Plant-Based Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar in the USA. At Pura Vita they have created a unique dining experience that has the ambiance of a New York City wine bar with a traditional menu reflecting the best of Southern Italy. They pride themselves on using the best organic, sustainable, clean, plant-based ingredients. Additionally, they have many organic gluten-free options for both pasta and bread, in an effort to make sure all of our guests can enjoy our dishes. 

Two years after the opening of the restaurant, Chef Tara opened Pura Vita Pizzeria right next door. The Pizzeria offers 100% Plant-Based scratch-made Neapolitan style pizzas. Chef Tara is set to open Pura Vita Redondo Beach this February. The third location will be a combination of the restaurant and the pizzeria incorporating the same plant-based, organic, scratch-made dishes and will feature a full bar.