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Sabrina Bezaire

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Sabrina was born and raised in the Valley by her Austrian father, an inventor/entrepreneur; the entrepreneurial spirit is in her blood. She developed a love for small mom & pop restaurants at a young age, growing up in an apartment surrounded by strip malls filled with immigrant-owned family restaurants. After a stint in New York, she changed career paths, moving back to LA in 2009 to work in restaurants. She was part of the opening team at Tavern, working with inspiring female role models Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne, and went on to open multiple restaurants, including Forage in Silverlake and L&E Oyster Bar, where she eventually became GM, Wine Director and partner, alongside her husband, Spencer, the executive chef. 

After years of searching for a restaurant space of their own, Sabrina and Spencer found a small existing space for sale in a strip mall in Silverlake. They opened Eszett in late 2019. Our food is cooked in our Charcoal oven. Spencer has a love for cooking over an open flame and the flavors from smoking meats and vegetables. There is an ode to my father in the name and emphasis on Austrian wine producers and grape varietals as well as a few menu items. We opened 3 months before the Pandemic, then 12 of us now a team of 2 due to Covid, a restaurant owned and run by an LA born couple with a menu inspired by our roots and upbringing.