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Kat Turner

Kat Turner standing in front of a building

Prior to being the chef of Highly Likely Cafe in Los Angeles, Kat Turner worked as a private chef for numerous A-list clients all over the globe, in addition to co-running large and small-scale culinary events for the conscientious communities of Summit Powder Mountain and Summit Series. A collector of tradition and trend, she gathers up bits of flavor wherever she goes. Originally from a small town in Wisconsin, Kat is passionate about creating dishes for Highly Likely that are both familiar and comforting, while leaving you with the curious sense that you've experienced something unique.

Her training at the Natural Gourmet Institute NYC led Kat to Blue Hill Restaurant, as well as the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Therefore, it should be no surprise that she places a great emphasis on product sourcing, health, and wellness in her life and in the lives of her clients and guests.