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Our Mission


Our Mission

Regarding Her or RE:Her is a National non-profit driven by women and non-binary restaurateurs on a mission to empower and advance women, women of color, indigenous women, LGBTQ+ identifying women, and non-binary food and beverage entrepreneurs by way of innovative platforms that:

* UPLIFTHER Business

* SUPPORTHER Community 


Our Vision

Regarding Her aims to help evolve and advance women, the hospitality industry and society at large using a loud and clear voice expressed by our groundswell movement with the ultimate social impact goal of more equity, inclusion, mental health, support and access to resources by leveraging our common need for food, connection and uplifting experiences.

Our Core Values

Collaboration | We encourage collaboration among women food and beverage entrepreneurs especially between those well-established and newcomers. The unique collaborations with female owners and chefs, thematic menus, and one-on-one conversations among female industry leaders creates a synergy among them that is what sparked the RE:Her movement and has since spread quick and wide.

Diversity & Inclusion |  We are committed to a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment where all feel respected and valued regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation or identity, disability, education, or any other bias. We respect the value that diverse life experiences bring and strive to listen and learn from different views and give them value.

Connection | We are all about connection. Across the US and throughout the year, we connect women-owners of food and drink businesses who have become an active and growing online and in-person community in which sharing, networking, and uplifting each other is our core. 

Empowerment | We are all about empowering through innovative programs that advance and accelerate women with an emphasis on growing and building Her through driving attention to Her, and getting Her access to education, connection, opportunity and capital. 

Generosity | We realize that our whole is greater that the sum of our parts. We generously share valuable attention, resources, connections and opportunity to uplift, advance, accelerate and grow each other in all ways that prove greater than what we would do on our own. 

Sustainability | We are devoted to building a self-perpetuating model that grows organically by the inherent nature of its positive impact on the Her life in perpetuity.